1 For the same amount of money, you can get an equal quantity of talent.
You’re certainly familiar with the opulent office buildings where the major design firms are housed. They are, after all, expensive. A substantial sum of money. And I’m sure you can figure out who foots the bill. Yes, you, the client, do. Is it really necessary for a corporation to have a ping-pong table or an aquarium the size of a small house in order to develop creative designs? Obviously not. You will pay extra if you choose to collaborate with a large, sophisticated design studio. That is simply a fact. However, this does not imply that you will receive superior work, designs, or service. It is simply less expensive to run a small design studio. As a result, you pay less.

2 A distinct point of view
A freelance designer usually has a wide range of abilities. I’m a graphic designer, for example, but I also do branding, web design, logo design, and basic marketing. All of these abilities are necessary for the development of your brand. You’ve got one individual who understands how to bring all of these disparate elements together to form a cohesive brand for you. This clear perspective aids you in obtaining the outcomes you require in the shortest period possible.

3 More effective communication
You are speaking with the sole person who has influence over the entire course of your project because you are in direct contact with the designer. So, if you have a query about a specific aspect of your project, you don’t have to go searching for the person in charge of that aspect inside a vast corporation. Your single point of contact is the individual who creates your corporate identity and also creates your website. He’s the one you contact and e-mail when you have a query, and he has all the answers.

4th Gear
A independent designer may make his own judgments, making him more adaptable to work with and allowing him to achieve greater progress in a shorter amount of time. In compared to multiple people who have to work together and where everyone has their own little part in the full plot, the entire development and revision process proceeds faster when one person handles all of the different parts at once.

5 You believe you are the most important client, and you are.
“We feel like we’re your most important client,” a client once told me. Of course, hearing that made me very happy because it demonstrated that the work I put in to look after my clients and their projects is valued by them as well. A small business will never receive the same level of service from a huge design firm because they are a minor customer in compared to the big fish with big marketing resources. You get the impression that you’re the most important client at a tiny graphic design studio because you probably are. Isn’t it the how we’d all like to be treated?